Chuck Chapman

Certified No More Mr. Nice Guy Coach

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Chuck Chapman

Certified No More Mr. Nice Guy Coach

Helping men become better at leading, loving, and life.





Chuck is one of those men whose personal path and career passions are one and the same. Chuck is committed to his own personal growth and evolution as a man, and he brings that same energy and focuses on his work with men. If you are looking for a mentor, teacher, or coach who walks his talk, Chuck may be just the person you’ve been seeking." – Dr. Robert Glover Author No More Mr. Nice Guy

Can You Relate? 


You're a really nice guy, maybe one of the nicest guys you know. Still, life is unsatisfying. Your relationships aren't working, and you don't understand why. After all, You spend all your time making sure she's happy, yet she still doesn't give you the attention you need. You really want a problem-free, smooth life, yet life is often anything but smooth and problem-free. So you do what you've always done, hoping for a different result, and you double down on being nice and trying to get her to treat you with more respect and love. If this sounds like you, then you are probably a Nice Guy.


What's wrong with being a Nice Guy?  

Based on the book No More Mr. Nice Guy by Robert Glover.

Nice Guy's have three flawed beliefs that drive their behaviors. They believe that:

1. If I am a good guy, everyone will love me and like me (and people I desire will desire me). 

2. If I meet other people's needs without them having to ask, they will meet my needs without me having to ask. 

3. If I do everything right, then I will have a smooth, problem-free life.


The problem is that the Nice Guy believes he's keeping up his end of the bargain, so why isn't everyone else? He says to himself, "HEY! I'm one of the nicest guys I know, so how come I always give so much more than I get? After all, what I want is to be appreciated, but she says that I'm not doing it right. She's always mad and me and never wants to have more sex. When is it my turn to get what I want? I want someone to love me the way that I love them." 


His unmet needs fuel his resentments and anger, and as a result, he is anything but nice! Nice Guys tend to give to get, avoid conflict, are passive-aggressive, withdraw when they are hurt, takes things personally, feel trapped, and tells "white lies" to hide anything they think others might find unacceptable.

He feels like he's living a double life. On the outside, everything is fine; on the inside, he's suffering and has low-self esteem. As a result, he seeks approval from others, hides his perceived flaws and mistakes, puts other people's needs and wants before his own. As a result, the Nice Guy gives up his personal power and plays the victim; he has very few, if any, guy friends and fails to live up to his full potential and seems always to be overlooked by others. 



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Client's Rave About Chuck.

Adam R.

"I met with Chuck at a really tough time in my life, the specter of divorce and an illness had brought with them depression and sense of being rudderless. Almost immediately he became a source of support and the voice of reason for me. I was lucky enough to join a group of other “Nice guys” and those talks along with the things we learned and shared created lasting bonds that are an amazing source of strength for me."

James B.

“In despair with where my Nice guy tendencies had gotten me in life, finding Chuck was truly a miracle. He is so adept at recognizing the Nice Guy patterns, sometimes it almost feels like he can read my mind. With compassion, he tells me what I need to hear when I need to hear it, and continually challenges me to a higher level. Chuck is a master at recognizing the nice guy patterns, and will help guide you towards recovery.”

Joey L.

"Working with Chuck absolutely opened my eyes to the destructive pattern in my life that was being a Nice Guy.  

To say that my time with Chuck was liberating would be an understatement.  Now I feel that I am no longer a Nice Guy, but a good man and as a result, my personal relationships and outlook on life and improved dramatically."


Sandor L.

"You've probably had a coach to help you improve in sports, and a teacher to help you in academics. What matters more, being a better athlete, a better student, or a better man?

I go to Chuck Chapman for coaching to live better, earn more, achieve more, and love more. I'm a professional investor, and the best investment I've ever made is self-improvement.

Chuck is the coach I choose to guide me on my journey. "

David P.

"Chuck has a great balance of being a skilled coach and a real person who’s walked the walk.  That balance along with being someone I completely trusted made Chuck an irreplaceable ally on the road to getting my life back and living the kind of life I really wanted. Chuck wasn’t afraid to be open and honest about his experiences and about helping me and really diving into it.  I could feel that, which translated into me not being afraid.  It enabled me to open up, to grow, and to move forward."

Terry N.

"When I first met with Chuck, I didn't think my marriage could be saved. Years of living as a Nice Guy had eroded my relationship to being "tolerable roommates." Chuck helped me put the finger on what was going wrong in my life then gave me the strategies to overcome my Nice Guy Syndrome. The result was as I changed, my marriage changed. Not only did it get better, but it became amazing! I highly recommend Chuck as a Coach and Teacher. "

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