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I only work with a handful of men each year who are tired of being in sexless and dysfunctional marriages/relationships. One way or the other, when you're done working with me, you will KNOW how to co-create a dynamic and connected relationship. 

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Nice Guys are stuck in bad relationships because: 

You're Afraid of Pissing Her Off

As a Nice Guy, you are afraid if you make her upset, she won't want to have sex with you and will make your life miserable.  After all, "Happy wife, happy life," right? 

You're Easily Butt-Hurt

As a Nice Guy, you tend to take everything she says personally. The slightest perceived criticism throughs you into a spiral of anger and defensiveness. 

You Tolerate Being Tolorated.

There is nothing worse than being in a relationship where you are tolerated. But because of your low-self esteem, you don't think you can do better and stay stuck in a sexless relationship.

There's a better way! 

A Three-Step Pathway

1. Creat polarity: 
Masculine and feminine create polar energies. These opposing energies make attraction that leads to connection. However, Nice Guys often have an overdeveloped feminine side. The Nice Guy shows up in his feminine energy and wonders why she isn't attracted to him. Attractions happen as you embody the masculine energy she craves and shows up in your masculine strength.

2. Put yourself first:
Nice Guys learned at an early age that everyone else's needs are more important than their own. As a result, he learns to stifle his needs to the point that he no longer knows himself or what he likes. Nice Guys want to be liked, so they think if they put themselves first, they will be selfish. They have a covert contract that says, "if I meet everyone else's needs, then they will want to meet mine." When their needs aren't met, they become resentful and passive-aggressive. Until a Nice Guy learns to make his needs, wants, and happiness a priority, he will remain stuck in one-sided relationships.

3. Align your values:
Until a Nice Guy learns to live from a place of integrity, he will always feel unbalanced and disappointed. Nice Guys need to define their core values and align their behaviors accordingly. Unfortunately, most Nice Guys have never expressed their values and go through life without a map and a compass to guide them. When Nice Guys live unapologetically from their values, they will never create the kind of relationship that satisfies them.

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Robert Glover

"Chuck is one of those men whose personal path and career passions are one and the same. Chuck is committed to his own personal growth and evolution as a man, bringing that energy and focusing on his work with men. Chuck may be just the person you've been seeking if you are looking for a mentor, teacher, or advisor who walks his talk."

– Dr. Robert Glover Author No More Mr. Nice Guy


James B.

“In despair with where my Nice guy tendencies had gotten me in life, finding Chuck was truly a miracle. He is so adept at recognizing the Nice Guy patterns, sometimes it almost feels like he can read my mind. With compassion, he tells me what I need to hear when I need to hear it, and continually challenges me to a higher level. Chuck is a master at recognizing the nice guy patterns and will help guide you towards recovery.”

Joey L.

"Working with Chuck absolutely opened my eyes to the destructive pattern in my life that was being a Nice Guy.  

To say that my time with Chuck was liberating would be an understatement.  Now I feel that I am no longer a Nice Guy, but a good man and as a result, my personal relationships and outlook on life and improved dramatically."

Sandor L.

"You've probably had a coach to help you improve in sports and a teacher to help you in academics. What matters more than being a better man?

I go to Chuck Chapman for coaching to live better, earn more, achieve more, and love more. I'm a professional investor, and the best investment I've ever made is self-improvement."

David P.

"Chuck has a great balance of being a skilled coach and a real person who’s walked the walk.  That balance along with being someone I completely trusted made Chuck an irreplaceable ally on the road to getting my life back and living the kind of life I really wanted. Chuck wasn’t afraid to be open and honest about his experiences and about helping me and really diving into it.  I could feel that, which translated into me not being afraid.  It enabled me to open up, to grow, and to move forward."

Terry P.

"When I first met Chuck, I didn't think my marriage could be saved. Years of living as a Nice Guy had eroded my relationship with being "tolerable roommates." Chuck helped me put the finger on what was going wrong in my life and then gave me the strategies to overcome my Nice Guy Syndrome. The result was as I changed, my marriage changed. Not only did it get better, but it became amazing! I highly recommend Chuck as a Coach and Teacher. "

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