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Rule Number Ten for Overcoming the Nice Guy Syndrome

30 rules for overcoming the nice guy syndrome Feb 04, 2020

Nice Guys tend to over-explain everything — their fear of being misunderstood and looking bad drives them into expounding on and on about their behaviors. The slightest complaint will invoke a monolog of justification and excuses. As a result, Nice Guys are rarely clear and direct.

Dr. Glover says, "Never explain. Explaining makes you look week." Instead, he suggests the two-sentence rule: Pair down into whatever it is you have to say into two sentences. The truth is that whatever it is you have to say can be said in two-sentences, anything more is explaining.

The two-sentence rule forces you to be clear and direct. It helps you get to the point without the interference of your Nice Guy dialog. Say what needs to be said, but do it with surgical focus.

The next time you feel yourself wanting to explain, try the two-sentence rule and be clear and direct.

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