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Rule Number Twenty-Eight for Overcoming the Nice Guy Syndrome

30 rules for overcoming the nice guy syndrome Feb 22, 2020

You've likely heard the stories of someone who had the corporate job, the beautiful house, fancy car, but then one day gave it all up to become an artist, a farmer, or teacher. They gave up what they had so they could get what they wanted. In every case, what the person wanted was this: PURPOSE.

Nice Guys tend to compare themselves to others, so the Nice Guy dives towards doing what he sees other people doing. He never stops to ask himself, "What is my purpose in life?" As a result, he lives a life, like the masses of men, in quiet desperation. He works his job, even though it kills his soul. He stays in a toxic relationship even though he is dying inside. He continues to pour money into things that don't serve him.

The integrated man knows his purpose and chooses to live from his heart. The integrated man can let go of what he has to get what he wants. The integrated man decides to move towards purpose rather than things. As a result, he learns the value of service and understands that his purpose fulfilled when he serves others.

One's purpose is to give our gifts to the world through acts of service. When we serve, we find love. When we love, we leave a legacy. When we let go of what we have so that we can live out our purpose, we come alive! When we live from our hearts, we are no longer in the bondage of the opinion of others. We march to the beat of our own drum, forge a path towards freedom, and we become the best version of ourselves.


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