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Rule Number Twenty-Six for Overcoming the Nice Guy Syndrome

30 rules for overcoming the nice guy syndrome Feb 20, 2020

Procrastination is the Nice Guys kryptonite. Procrastination weakens him like nothing else. "Why do today what you can put off until some other time" is the Nice Guys mantra. Subsequently, he is usually only moderately successful in his life. He thrives in mediocrity, plays it safe, and doesn't rock the boat.

The Nice Guys battle isn't' with an external enemy, and it's within himself. The Nice Guy wages war against his fear of success. He wants to be successful, but he doesn't' want to put in the work. He wants the six-pack abs, the million-dollar home, the successful marriage, but his procrastination always leaves him falling short.

It makes sense when you think about it. With success comes added responsibility, the need to work hard, and the possibility others might be jealous of your accomplishments. Since these are the things the Nice Guy avoids, he puts off what he could and should do and remains in a state of averageness.

The integrated man does it now. He doesn't put off what needs to be done because he knows that his hard work will pay off in the end. "Do it now" is the mantra of the Integrated Man. The integrated man can delay gratification, to avoid the easy path in exchange for a higher calling.

What are you putting off? Going to the gym? Paying your bills? Making your bed? Starting that business? Finding a mentor? Whatever it is that you are putting off, write it down, then do it now.

Nice Guys will never feel "motivated" to do these things. That's because motivation follows action, not the other way around. It is only after we start something that motivation starts to drive us forward. "Do it now" so you can break free of the Nice Guy Syndrome and become an integrated man.

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