Let's Talk:

I would like to share with you how my signature program can work for you. 

  • I will teach you how to bring sex back into your dead relationship.

  •  I will train you in the art and science of sexual polarity.

  •  I will give you the tools for creating sexual tension that enhances attraction and attachment.

  •  I will train you to become a master communicator with your words, body, and behaviors.

  •  I will give you my secret to mastering conflict in a way that leads to incredible sex and desire.

  •  I will help you learn the skills necessary to garner her respect and admiration.

  •  I will give you the script for discussing your sexual needs, desires, and intimacy.


Why Work With Chuck? 

  • He's a Recovering Nice Guy; He's been where you are.

  • He's an authority on the Nice Guy Syndrome.

  • He has decades of experience working with Nice Guys in relationship restoration.

  • He has developed a proven path for building trust, building attachment, and creating desire. 

  • He is recommended by Dr. Robert Glover, Author of No More Mr. Nice Guy.

My Method Works!

My Signature Nice Guy Recovery Program: Tools for Transformaion has helped hundreds of Nice Guys rebuild broken relationships and create sexually passionate partnerships. If you do the work, you will learn how to have a healthy, vibrant sexual relationships. You will learn to be a leader in your life, family, and relationships. You will know if your relationship has hope or if you need to bury a relationship that died long ago; either way, you know what to do next.  

What is Your Commitment?

This is a six-month one-on-one program. The men I work with consider working with me to be an investment rather than something they are “trying out” to see if it works. My clients approach the coaching process intending to make significant changes in their lives and relationships. There is only one way to lose your investment; don’t do the work. The skills these men learn in my Signature Nice Guy Recovery Program is life-changing and will affect future generations.

What You Will Receive

My Signature Nice Guy Recovery Program includes:

  • One-on-one coaching via Zoom

  • Weekly Accountability

  • Challenging homework

  • Unlimited email support

  • Video Training that will supplement our one-on-one work. 

What’s Next?

If you want more details about my Signature Nice Guy Recovery Program, fill out the form below. No one will see it but me. I’ll get back to you on the following steps to move forward.

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